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computerized language sample analysis

SALT 18 Student Desk Copy and/or Access to Classroom Materials

Complimentary desk copies of the SALT 18 Student Software & Textbook are available for instructors considering the adoption of the software and/or textbook for course use. We also post classroom materials you may find useful when teaching your students about language sample analysis using SALT.


STEP 1. Create a SALT Web Site Account 

If you have not already created a SALT account, you must do so before we can give you access to the classroom materials. Even if you are only requesting a desk copy, you should create a SALT account in order to access the online training.

STEP 2. Fill in the required fields and click "Submit Request".


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REMINDER - don't forget to create a SALT web site account using the email you provided in this form. 

You must create a SALT account if you requested access to the classroom materials. Once approved for instructor access, you can log into your account and access the classroom materials by clicking on the "Instructor toolkit" link located in the footer of the SALT web site.

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