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Elicitation Materials

SALT software includes a variety of reference databases with samples from typical speakers. Your samples, elicited following the same protocols, may be compared with age and grade-matched samples selected from these databases. These elicitation materials contain everything you need to elicit samples for comparison with the specified databases.

 Product SALT Database Description Grades

 Story Retell Elicitation Kit
 Full set of materials

 Story Retell Elicitation Materials
 Mix and Match - select from protocols, story books, and comprehension questions

 Narrative Story Retell  PK, K, 1 - 6

Frog Story Elicitation Kit
 Full set of materials 

Frog Story Elicitation Materials
 Mix and Match - select from protocols and story books

 Bilingual Spanish/English Story Retell
 Bilingual Spanish/English Unique Story
 Monolingual Spanish Story Retell
 K - 3
 K - 3
 1 - 3

Expository & Persuasion Elicitation Kit
 Full set of materials  

Expository & Persuasion Materials

 Mix and Match - select from protocols and planning sheets

 5 - 7, 9 - 12
 9 - 12

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6 Item(s)

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