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"We provide instructional materials for teaching language sample analysis using a variety of approaches; lectures, interactive lessons, learning activities, and a printed textbook. You can use these materials to:
      • Construct online instructional modules for recording, transcribing, analyzing, and interpreting language samples
      • Provide online case study practice from numerous language samples
      • Create assignments on analysis of a variety of language production problems
These materials are the result of my 37 years on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison."

Jon F Miller   Jon F. Miller, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
  Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  CEO, SALT Software LLC 

Combinations of software and textbook used for teaching with suggestions, prices, and ordering information.

TRAINING: Direct your students to our free self-paced online training where they learn about language sample analysis from elicitation to transcription and analysis.

Request Access to Classroom Materials. We post materials you may find useful when teaching your students about language sample analysis using SALT. These materials include: a) sample transcripts you can use for transcription and/or analysis assignments, b) prepared lessons and activities, and c) chapter quizzes for the textbook.

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  1.  SALT 16 Instructional Site License

    SALT 16 Instructional Site License


    SALT is clinical software for assessing language acquisition and disorders through the analysis of language samples. It includes a transcription editor, standard reports, and reference databases for age or grade-matched comparisons. The Instructional version is licensed to colleges and universities for teaching purposes only. It may be installed on any number of campus computers and may be used for classroom instruction and for clinical services associated with student training.

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  2. Assessing Language Production Using SALT: Clinician's Guide - 2nd Edition

    Assessing Language Production Using SALT: Clinician's Guide - 2nd Edition


    This clinical guide book incorporates 25 years of research and clinical practice using language sample analysis, providing both the conceptual background of LSA and practical guidelines for using SALT.

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