computerized language sample analysis

for New Zealand and Australia

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SALT-NZAU software is supplied by SALT Software LLC and customized for our New Zealand and Australian customers. It differs primarily in the default settings. The dd/mm/yyyy date format is used and the New Zealand reference databases are selected by default. SALT-NZAU is a result of a long-term collaboration with Gail Gillon from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Marleen Westerveld from Griffith University in Australia. Printed products are despatched on behalf of SALT Software LLC from Dr. Westerveld's research lab at Griffith University, eliminating the high cost of overseas shipping. All prices are USD.

SALT-NZAU for Windows® 10/8/7/XP and Mac OSX v10.6-10.12 includes a transcription editor, standard reports, and reference databases for age-matched comparisons. View case study examples for a quick look at how SALT is used to assess productive language.

The software comes in several configurations, all using the same transcript format and producing the same standard reports. The Clinical, Instructional, and Student versions are identical, differing only in the licensing and number of activations. The Research version contains additional utilities for working with large data sets.

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