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computerized language sample analysis

for Instructors

Resources for University and College Instructors

Request a SALT 18 Student Desk Copy and/or Access to Classroom Materials 

  • Desk copy: This complimentary desk copy (software and textbook) is available for instructors who are considering adopting the SALT 18 software and/or textbook for course use. Please only one copy per instructor.

  • Classroom Materials: We post materials you may find useful when teaching your students about language sample analysis using SALT. Examples of these materials include:
    • Sample transcripts you can use for transcription and/or analysis assignments
    • A prepared lesson with PowerPoint lecture, handout, and case study files
    • Case study practice exercise - a good analysis and interpretation assignment
    • Quizzes for most of the online training courses
    • Chapter quizzes for the SALT textbook

Recommended combinations of software and textbook for teaching.


Instructors in New Zealand and Australia

Recommended combinations of SALT-NZ software and textbook for teaching.

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