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computerized language sample analysis

Service Packs for SALT-NZAU 18

Service Pack SALT-NZAU 18.3.2 posted on February 22, 2018

Download and run the appropriate executable file (below) to update your version of SALT 18. Follow the installation instructions. Installing the service pack will not delete any of your data files.

for Windows® 10/8/7/XP

for Mac OSX v10.8-10.13


Included in Service Pack 18.3.2

  • Fixed text in the Performance Reports, specifically the task description for the OFTM unique story.
  • Fixed error message for unmatched parentheses when utterance contains both parenthetical remarks and mazes, and parenthetical remarks are included in the analysis of the main body.
  • Edited header information in many of the reference database transcripts.
  • Updated the license agreements.

Earlier releases (also included in release 18.3.2)

  • Release 18.3.1 posted January 15, 2018
    • Reformatted the SALT Reference databases to combine the three files that made up each database (.sd1, .sd2, .sd3) into a single file (.sltdb).
    • Research version: added option to convert older format databases to the new single-file format.
  • Release 18.2.6 posted December 21, 2017
    • Fixed text in the Performance Reports, specifically the task description for the FOHO story retell.
  • Release 18.2.5 posted December 4, 2017
    • Mac only: added the missing folder of root identification files.
    • Fixed problem with program hanging when an utterance containes one of the reserved characters (& or #).
    • Updated several of the built-in help topics.
  • Release 18.2.4 posted November 14, 2017
    • Added Elapsed Time to the Database --> Rate and Pause Summary.
    • Fixed Database --> Rate and Pause Summary to suppress database values for WPM and Utterances per Minute if none of the database transcripts were timed.
    • Signed the executable file and the installation file with a new SSL certificate (previous certificate had expired).

for USA Service Packs for SALT (USA version)

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