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computerized language sample analysis

Service Packs - SALT 16 Mac

SALT 16 Service Packs for Mac OSX v10.6-10.13


Service Pack 16.1.16 posted on 10/4/2017

Download and run the appropriate executable file (below) to update your version of SALT 16. Follow the installation instructions. Installing the service pack will not delete any of your data files.

Service Packs for SALT-NZAU (New Zealand/Australia version)

Included in Service Pack 16.1.16

  • Updated to work with OS 10.13 (High Sierra).

Earlier releases (also included in release 16.1.16)

  • Release 16.1.15 posted on 9/26/2017
    • In new transcript dialogue box, check for bilingual checked w/o bilingual selection.
    • Fixed default databases to select monolingual Spanish for OFTM.
    • Expanded default database selections from 25 to 30; fixed problem with Browse button in selection dialogue box.
    • Analyze menu --> Omissions and Errors report - fixed format with linked transcripts.
    • Research version: fixed problem when selecting Discourse measures (Tools --> Rectangular Data File)
    • Research version: fixed problem which prevented editing of databases (Tools --> Build Reference Database)
  • Release 16.1.14 posted 5/12/2017
    • Fixed copyright display in Help -> About SALT; problem was introduced in service pack 16.1.13.
    • Made minor improvement to the function of the error check dialogue box.
    • Edited built-in Help.
    • Provide more-detailed error message when there is a problem activating software.
    • Suppressed display of main window when uninstalling and deactivating software.
  • Release 16.1.13 posted 4/6/2017
    • Analyze --> Rate and Pause Summary; fixed problem when there are no pauses in transcript, no value is reported for average pause time.
    • Database --> NSS/ESS/PSS; fixed values reported when database samples are not scored for NSS/ESS/PSS.
    • Edited many of the sample transcripts; deleted "Maryanne 9;0 Con.slt".
    • Edited Help --> User Guides --> Transcription Convensions --> Standard SALT Conventions.
    • Edited license agreements.
    • Fixed smart quote (226,128,153) on CHAT import.
    • Research version: Tools --> RDF --> Rate and Pause Summary; fixed ave time = -1 (missing data) if no pauses; pause times are no longer rounded to nearest integer if reported in seconds.
    • Research version: Tools --> RDF --> Comprehension Questions; if all missing data, the total is now -1 (missing data).
    • Fixed problem with program crashing after deactivating the license.
  • Release 16.1.12 posted 12/1/2017
    • Fixed issue with selecting database samples which sometimes occurred when the analysis set was changed and saved as the default.
  • Release 16.1.9 posted 10/22/2016
    • Fixed inconsistent calculation of unintelligible utterances; all calculations now exclude unintelligible segments found in mazes.
  • Release 16.1.8 posted 10/18/2016
    • Fixed error checking to allow parentheticals containing mazes to be nested within another maze.
  • Release 16.1.7 posted 10/14/2016
    • BONUS: Added support for story retell comprehension questions
      • Edit menu --> Insert Comprehension Template
      • Analyze menu --> Comprehension Questions
      • Research version only: added comprehension variables to Rectangular Data File
    • Rearranged Maze Summary reports and added "Utts with Mazes as % of Total Utts".
    • Fixed calculation of "Average Mazes per Utterance" to exclude nonverbal utterances.
    • Updated "Monolingual Spanish Story Retell" database to replace 1 sample with incorrect timing.
    • Coded all samples in the "Gillam Narrative Tasks" database for omissions and errors; renamed the database to "TNL Narrative Samples"; changed subgroup from GNT to TNL in new transcript dialog box.
    • Provide warning if RIF files can only be opened as read-only when editing the contents (Setup menu --> Editor Settings --> Root Identification Files).
    • Research version only
      • Provide warning if database files can only be opened as read-only when editing the contents (Tools menu --> Build Reference Database).
      • Replaced the non-functioning "Browse for folder" dialogue box.
  • Release 16.1.6 posted 6/29/2016
    • Fixed problem with Grammatical Category Lists when transcripts are linked. Before fix, both speaker counts were summed and incorrectly listed for the first speaker.
    • Added [EP:=] to the default list of error codes. This code is sometimes used to mark pronoun errors.
    • Added Cut/Copy/Paste options when you right-click in the transcript editor.
    • Edited NZAU sample transcripts "Daniel Nar AGL.slt" and "Daniel Nar NZPN.slt" to remove the + Database header line. This plus line listed a database no longer included with the software.
    • Research version only: fixed problem with the "Rectangular Data File --> Grammatical Categories" when the Speaker setting is 2nd speaker.
  • Release 16.1.5 posted 3/2/2016
    • Fixed problem with NSS/ESS/PSS reports when + Context not found in transcript or when transcripts are linked.
    • Added warning to error check routine for missing + Context header line.
  • Release 16.1.4, posted 2/29/2016
    • Edited several of the built-in Help screens.
    • Edited Directed Exercise 9 (NSS, ESS, and PSS), one of the Help user guides.
    • Changed the functionality of the license activation.
  • Release 16.1.3, posted 2/3/2016
    • Fixed the Deactivate option in the Help menu.
  • Critical Release 16.1.2, posted 1/4/2016
    • Database Standard Measures Report: corrected the database values for "Words/Minute".
    • Database Maze Summary report: corrected the database values for "Average Mazes per Utterance" and "Average Words per Maze" and changed the display of the target speaker values.
    • Database Discourse Summary report: fixed the label for "Median Turn Length (words)".
    • Added several sample NZAU transcripts.

Service Packs for SALT-NZAU

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