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So in day # “I don’t even know” of this new normal, this is what I’ve noticed!

  1. My son fronts /k/ and /g/ initial positions and it’s driving me crazy, even though he just turned two. #relaxslpmom.
  2. Online yoga is not my jam because I end up in child’s pose the whole time and slacking like crazy. 
  3. I think my dog is tired of us all being home. Dog
  4. Nope, still don’t like running. 
  5. Marco Polo+Lovely Chelsea Cornejo from Bilinguistics is the best. It helps me feel connected to my co-workers and friends.distance chatting with friends
  6. Don’t forget to turn on Computer Audio when you’re screen sharing!!

In speechy related news, so far I have finished typing up 2 evaluations to dismiss students with language analysis. My love for language analysis is especially helpful right now in this time, when all I need is:

Frog, Where Are You?


Narrative Scoring Scheme


my phone

I may not have access to all of my testing materials, but I do have my SALT. The training is free and you may never get this much time to do CEUs ever again. 

chatting about CEUs

Check out the performance report that was automatically generated from my 4 minute language sample that I thankfully finished the last day of school! 

If you’re moving towards telepractice, language samples are pretty easy to get. 

  • Step 1 Call/Zoom/video student.
  • Step 2 Check-in on how they are feeling because, scary times right? 
  • Step 3 Make a plan/agenda with your students. Work/Play/Work/Play for your little ones or whatever your normal therapy routine is. My therapy routine goes:
      1. Feelings Check-In (this might be all you do the first session). 

        Grid of emotion pictures

        “Feelings” by Ludney Jean-Philippe on

      2. Estrellitas Sonidos Iniciales
      3. Story Grammar Rap
      4. Read a story (if you need a language sample, click powerpoint above) or continue with your literacy-based intervention. Youtube videos of read-alouds are great ways to tell stories. You could mute the video and tell the story yourself if you’d like. 
      5. Play an interactive Ipad game by going to Zoom-Share Screen-Share Ipad, reflect on the session, have some fun. Sing a goodbye song. 
  • Step 4 Share your screen.
  • Step 5 Show and narrate the story “Frog, Where Are You?” (Mayer, 1969). You can find a script and other resources here; or you could also do a play language sample by recording the child interacting with toys/household items.
  • Step 6 Ask student to re-tell the story and record it with your phone.  (I don’t believe it’s HIPPA compliant to record the zoom session, so use the voice recorder option that you would normally use in therapy.)

Hang in there.  So many effing first times (FFTs) here, right?? If you want to learn more about coping with all these changes and how to take care of yourself during this uncertain time, do yourself a favor and listen to Brene Brown’s podcast to learn more about FFTs. 


Sending love, patience, and good vibes your way!

Your dearest-SALT-loving SLP,
Laura Finkel MS-SLP-CCC


Laura Finkel, MS-SLP-CCC is a bilingual speech language pathologist at Bilinguistics. She specializes in school-based teacher and parent centered speech language pathology, students from diverse backgrounds and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).